Sunday, January 07, 2007

Christmas East of the Rockies

Above: 1. This is how they travel to Walmart in Mizzou. 2. Derek showing his hop's and dunking at church ball. 3. The three biggest and best fans Willow Springs has ever seen (Kailey, Whit, and Ev) 4. The suit jacket fan club led Alissa's team to their first ever victory over Thayre (spelling?) 5. Again the die hard sports fans.

Well after Whit smoked me in our semester's GPA contest (with a 3.925) we headed to Willow Springs, MO for two weeks. During our stay we attended bball games, made a few sonic trips, visited Springfield and Joplin, had some dance parties, loved church, did some christmas caroling, watched the Beavs beat the Tigers (see previous post) and ran over a coyote on the way to the airport.

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Lisa Michelle said...

Hi Evan -- sounds like a good time! Especially that bit about running over a coyote on your way to the airport! It was fun to see some new posts on your blog!