Monday, July 04, 2011

Toddler + Summer = FUN!

Work hard, play hard is our motto this summer. Jaycee is such a big helper! She likes to clean the floor and wipe everything down with me inside, and loves to spend time outside weeding with daddy. 


After all that hard work, this little lady needs a treat! We spend a lot of time sitting on her step eating, looking for bugs, watching the neighborhood, talking with her friend Brooklyn and looking for the neighbor dog, Rex. 

Before play time, Jaycee needs to get ready to go. The other day she was in her PJ's and brought me her hat, belt and shoes. This girl knows how to accessorize.

Even with the 95 degree plus temperatures, Jaycee insisted on wearing her coat (don't worry, I only let her sport it inside).

pLaY tImE! 
We have spent a lot of time this summer playing with water. We have our neighborhood pool, grandma and papa's pool, White Water, our baby pool and Slip 'N Slide. She started off the summer a little uneasy with the water, but now really likes it. 

White Water:

Like I said, one of her favorite activities: Bug hunting. 

We also recently discover a place called Jump Mania. She was in heaven. 

My friend, Syd and her little girl Paisley, were down for a visit so we went to the zoo with them. SO wish they lived closer! 

Ev met up with us after a few days working in KC. He will thrilled to join our girl day at the zoo :)

Taking care of her friend...

 After a fun-filled day Jaycee is ready to go to sleep. Or, at least make sure we are asleep. She loves to help us go 'night night' and shhh us to sleep. I love how her eyes are very closely watching Ev to ensure he is asleep.

Just love this little girl! Excited to have another night of fireworks tonight! Happy 4th!

Two Big Milestones...

Two big events happened in Jaycee's life as of late. I feel like we are really starting to get into this whole kid stuff, which is so fun! Especially for Ev and I. The first big event was....

Jaycee's first time at Chuck E. Cheese!
Bad pics, taken with my phone...

She had so much fun dancing with the ummm... what do you call those 'creatures' on stage? The mouse, bird, dog, pizza guy...

Of course she had to attempt to beat the record on the shoot out with dada. 

AND.... the second life changing event...

Jaycee's first time at gymnastics!

In this photo we told Jaycee to give us her game face. True cheerleader in the making!

She LOVED to run on the trampoline. 

Excellent balance beam skills.

Tumbling away!

I was very excited for this day! It was for 18months and up, and you better believe she went right at before 18 months old. 

Looks like we may need to purchase one of these: