Monday, February 19, 2007

The sweetness of Victory

This is long to warn you.

Saturday February 17th 2007. Lindon, Utah at My Noah's Elite Sales Basketball Tournament. Truly a day never to be forgotten.

Since Trevor did such a marvelous job (see below) with the top ten from the weekend I will focus solely on the those precious hours saturday morning. My objective is to help those not in attendance to gain a better understanding of what truly happened day.

But first I must briefly set the stage of the day and our team, CarWin (Carlile & Winter/Winn)
-Brandon Winter. 5'8" very fast, wrestled in high school.
-Meredith Carlile. 5'8" she is a carlile what more must I say.
-Lesley Carlile. 5'6" all state athlete everything 1996-2000.
-Evan Carlile. 6'3" skinny kid who will bomb 3's from anywhere.
-Trevor Winn. 6'4" silky smooth jumper that competes with Ray Allen.
-Coach/Score Updater/Trash Talker/Motivator, Whitney Carlile. I think all of Lindon Utah heard her that morning.

It was a beautiful morning. Whit and I rolled up in our Taurus amongst the other blingin' cars in attendance. Les and Trev rolled up in Trevor's little white Toyota that I don't even know how he fits in it, and it has a duck sticker on it. Mere and Brandon did on the other hand roll in style in Brandon's ride, fully complete with leather interior.

It seemed that everyone arrived all about the same time. The gym is similar to a church type bball court, but not as small as Albany's gym. There was about 35 males and 2 females warming up. During warmups I felt fairly confident as I was seeing a plethera of air balls being fired from all over the court, from our soon to be competition.

After warm ups will threw all the teams down on the bracket. It looked like this:

Round One:

Faction (black team) vs Hifin (Jake's team)
Debate (they all looked 16) vs Stallions (green jersey's team)
CarWin vs Esty (tall goofy looking nice guys)
Awesome had a 1st round bye

Hifin handily beat Faction. The Stallions killed Debate. CarWin vs Esty was a great game one for us. It started with Ev wining the jump, which never happens. That pretty much should tell you how the game went. We started with a 2-3 zone and never looked back. We had our speed on top, Lesley and Brandon, and our power on the bottom, Mere, Trev, and Evan. I don't remember all the specifics but here are some. Most notably Les had five 3's, Brandon had at least 4 steals many followed by converting lay-ins at the other end. Mere hit some key jumpers. Trev and Ev hit a 3 or two. Basically we played well and the other team was no match for us. We scored at will, and they could not score at all.

What was supposed to be Round Two:

Hifin vs Stallions
CarWin vs Awesome

But thanks to our good friend 10G (most popular of his nick names) he decided that he heard somewhere that this was a double eliminattion tournament. To save your time and my frustration I will keep this short. Basically he made us wait forever to play again doing this whole loser bracket thing, which was a waste to time watching a bunch of Kobe want-to-be's jack up shots that were flying over the back board.

Break for 6th grade boys practice:

For one hour and 15 minutes we had an intermission. Trevor and Brandon played some pool, Mere and Les rested up, Ev and Whit went to get the subs and pizza for the intermission. At this point the hatred was very clear and very present for 10G.

Scott Blickfeldt:

At some point in the losers bracket team Awesome was facing Team Faction. The game was utterly digusting. Near the end of the game it was very close. Team Awesome was fotunate enough to be staffed with Ryan Clark and Scott Blickfeldt. The score was 9-9 going to 11 by ones. Faction was checking the ball into play, Blickfeldt "stole" the ball dribbled to other end and got this 6 foot ugly heev (spelling?) to drop. As the ball fell through the net he ripped it down like he was Ben Wallace rebounding, and with two hands he took the ball over his right shoulder and slammed the ball into the wall and gave "the look." Immediatly afterward the crowd went crazy like we just saw Springs from And 1 dunk. Truly a priceless moment.

Tourney Troubles:

Finally after what had seemed like forever and a headache it was our time to play. But team Faction was "too tired" to play us so they wanted a break. Anyway we finally played them. This game had been shortened because we just wanted to get the tourney over by this point. We ended up defeating Faction 8-5 and just basically stalled the last minute or so, which really fired them up a little more. After the game Faction's point guard throw the ball the distance of the court in frustration. As they were immediatly not only leaving the gym but the facility, one unnamed source yelled to the poor sports losing team faction, "Its okay you just lost to a bunch of girls, keep your head up." A little side note: I will be seeing Team Factions "captian" 10G himself next weekend in what now will be a very intense game of paintball!

Though not as pretty as our first game, we got the job done, again a total team effort.

Championship Game vs Stallions:

Background on the Stallions: They had Gold's, a 5'11" guy who looks like he lives at gold's gym (plays D-End at Southern Utah), Green Jersey a 6'2" good shooter and player, defenitly their go to player, maroon shirt/Ooooooo, a role player, as were the other 2 guys, role players. Overall a good team of athletic guys.

It was pretty close through out our game that was by one's and two's to 21 points. Now I must put in a personal plug. I love playing by one's and two's. In real basketball a 3-pointer is worth 1.5 of any other 2-point basket, but with these rules the 3-pointer is worth 2 of any normal feild goal within the 3-point line. Our team motto "Live and Die by the Three."

Early in the game though it was close, it was really the Stallions who did slightly have the momentum. Thanks to Trevor hitting some big 3's in the first half especially we stayed in the game."

Brandon had a sweet steal where he cleanly picked green jersey's pocket, and immediatly after green jersey fouled brandon to prevent the easy lay-in.

The already covered but again worth mentioning, the Les drive through the whole team, and dish to mere who had the great catch and shoot from 15 feet.

The controversial (at least in their minds) tripping/blocking foul as Ev drove to the hope, slamming into the floor.

Then of course the BEAR HUG. Then after he was finished hugging me, it turned into, that is not a fould its a jump ball. Are you kidding me? Then they said well the last time down it wasn't a foul anyway. Then as Ev continued to argue and resolve this, the trash talking turned to les. By this point of the game we had switched to man to man defense. Les said to her man, "Have you honestly ever played basetball?" They were face to face and Les said, "No seriously have you ever played basketball?" He tryed to shrugg it off, but by this point Les was right up in his grill and he said, "what are you going to kiss me?" And Les swiftly replied with, "No, you're too ugly."

At this point the score was 19-18 in our advantage. We surrendured being the bigger men (and women) and on that very possesion they hit a 3-pointer to go up 20-19. As the ball went through the net, Ev said to himself, thats it I am shooting a three. Sure enough a few passes later I had an open look, a little deeper than normal not real deep, and luckily it went in. So now we are up one. Then they came down, Mere fought hard for the rebound against marroon. Unluckily it went out of bounds of Mere. Then they shot and missed again this time mere Ripped it down. We came down a few moments later trevor pulled up for 16 foot jumper and hit it. Game over, Champions!

Then similar to our previous game, green jersey through the ball the full length of the court in disguist. Then marroon starting saying now we have to play again, its double elimination, when just prior to the game we explained this what it. I was speaking to one of the role players afterward trying to calm ragging tempers. And i said, "I have been there, it was a good game, competitive, money was on the line, tempers naturally heat up, its okay." He said, "You have been there, when you HAVE LOST TO GIRLS??!!"


Shortly after Trevor won Bump for another $50.

Thanks guys it was an honor to play and win with you. I pray we have another opportunity to show our stuff, hopefully against trevor's intramural team one day.


Alright everybody, this is a monumental event. Yep, like the subject says, this is my first ever attempt at a Top Ten list. In a weekend filled with ping-pong, b-ball, food, family, and friends, there is a lot to choose from, and the selections were not easy. In preparing this list, I know that I have learned a great deal, and even if it serves no purpose to anyone else, it has at least been a great addition to my life. It is my humble prayer, however, that I can be some sort of instrument in bringing a message of joy and peace to your life. Please bear with me and offer a silent prayer in my behalf. Now to the list...........

Honorable mentions: Jake, Evan's 3 to go up 1 late in the championship game, Bump, those brownies with frosting, the Miracle of Trevor's Keys, Kersnippets, Whitney's exponential improvement in ping-pong, how good Brandon looked Saturday night, our coupons to Pizza Factory, and many many more. And that's what didn't make the list......

10. My roommate's reaction when I told him that I think CarWin could beat my intramural team: "You know, that really hurts that you think that you and a couple of girls could really beat us. Seriously, there's no way." I sense a challenge in the near future.

9. Whitney talking trash to the other teams. "Aiiiiiirbaaaaaall" and "WHERE'S THE FOUL!?!?"

8. Brandon literally running circles around people.

7. The fact that I had a dream about ping-pong on Saturday night. I'm addicted.

6. The weekends nicknames...... Golds..... 10G/10K/Kobe........ Maroon Shirt (Whoooooo!) .....Green jersey......hope I didn't miss any

5. Lesley. Lesley in general makes the list, but let me be more specific. Either one of these could have been their own entry, but I decided to lump them together..... Her wowing the crowd with her barrage of three's......and then especially when she got in that guy's face and asked him if he's ever played basketball before and then followed up his comments regarding whether she wanted to kiss him with "No, you're too ugly." That's my girl.

4. Mere catch and shooting. That one play where Lesley drove and then dished to Meredith on the sideline who caught and shot with one of the quickest releases I've ever seen is still etched in my mind. It was almost poetic in its beauty. Brandon, you gotta hang on to that girl.

3. That guy saying that he didn't want to play Bump because he already "lost to a bunch of girls." Such bitterness and pain has to still be eating away at him this very moment. You think he's sending out a Top 10 to his friends that includes this weekend's loss? I don't think so.

2. Evan's mission buddy that checked in the ball, stole it while the guy wasn't looking, made his breakaway lay-in, then slammed it against the wall. That was one of the funniest things I've seen in my entire life. Really. Everyone just pause for a moment and picture the guy's face right after that.........Okay, now if that doesn't just make you happy inside, you have a heart of stone.

1. "Always low prices. Always."

Enough said.I hope we all take time to realize how truly epic this weekend was. I'm not saying that it can't ever be topped, but I will say that it's going to be very difficult. Thank you all for your participation, hard work, stellar performances, and good natured humor. In all seriousness, each one of you makes life more enjoyable. Keep up the good work, both in athletics and in life, and may the CarWin legacy live on! Your friend in the faith,

Brother Trevor Boyd Winn

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