Sunday, October 22, 2006

Beavs Win, Ducks Lose

Been a while since this happened so I had to be sure and post it. The Ducks (5-2) lose to Washington State and the Beavers (4-3) beat Arizona who the Cougars had a heart breaking loss to early in the season. Next Saturday the Beavs will knock off #3 USC at 1:30 MST to end their hopes of a national title. In the photo's Bernard ran all over the Wildcats, and the Duck photo is Leaf trying to through a pass to Kent (Son of Ernie Kent, UO Men's BBall coach, by the way I blocked his shot, in a 2001 Churchill/S. Albany bball game) maybe thats why the ducks dropped this one, Kent just can't get Carlile's huge swat out of his mind.

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