Saturday, October 28, 2006


BEAVERS 33, TROJANS 31. Well, just as I said a week ago, The Beavers upset number 3, the USC Trojans. I may have been the only person in America, with that prediction, but just goes to show Evan knows best. Its days like these that all your real life troubles go away, and you feel like as smart as Bill Gates with the body of Terrell Owens. Its days like these that I really think I should work for ESPN. Its days like these that the Taurus runs a little smoother. Its days like these I am very glad I have a Beaver blanket, welcome mat, football, wall hangings, t-shirts, hats, and most importantly an adopted Beaver fan with Beaver socks, Whitney herself. Just like to apologize to duck fans (Jeff & Steve Doug, Steve & Steph Terj, Droid & Darce, Brandon Johnson, and many more) and Trojan fans (Richard and all other band wagon riders). Not too much will upset me this weekend. Please click here for beauty:

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