Sunday, April 22, 2007

Misc. Albany Fun

Picture Descriptions:
1. Zach crushing the ball deep to left field as the Rebels win.
2. Whit and Ev celebrating one year anniversary a little early with cake from our wedding. Thanks to Pammy freezing it for us!
3. The twins also have four wheelin' in their blood.
4. Pammy and J celebrate 30 years of a wonderful marriage. Of course the last 23 are their favorite of the 30.
5. Whit showing off her photography skills as Ev knocks down a birdie putt at Golf City.

1 comment:

Lisa Michelle said...

holy smokes, Evan! You don't mess around when you update your blog!! I happened to check it and WHOAH! Great pics -- all of them. Love the tramp pics, the undercover pics of Les and Trevor, blig pics, kissing Pammy & Jason pics, etc. etc., etc.. We are looking forward to seeing you and meeting Whitney in July!!