Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"I-Wil" Wildcats #11

As many of you know the Blazers now have won 8 straight games. The amazing part is most of those wins have come without two of our best players; LaMarcus Aldridge, and the unproven Man Child Greg Oden. With the likes of last years Rookie of the Year; Brandon Roy carrying the team, and big play from Travis Outlaw, Channing Fry, Webster, Przybilla, and Jack, the Blazers are looking playoff bound.

As of just a few weeks ago the Blazer Mania was over 7 games back from Utah, now a 1/2 game separates them. Included in the recent win streak was 2 wins over Jerry Sloan's boys. Needless to say, I have been reborn and I am so happy to see Nate McMillan have success here in P-town.

Though Rip City is back, the team and player I wish to blog about is a few more miles south down I-5 (of the Rose Garden) the ever popular, Wilsonville Wildcats. Starting for the second straight season at point, Junior, "I-Wil" (I just came up with that name, and I am pretty sure no one calls him that, but, I think it is cool).

As cousins and family, we often talk of athletics, and more often participate in them at family gathering. In fact athletics are usually why we gather, and then cover it with an excuse, sometimes called a wedding. During these thrilling events, we ask how the team is doing, but do we ever get to see our fine High School athletes in action, usually not.

That is why I am doing my small part, with limited technology to bring this extended family closer together. Though the footage does Isaac no justice, I just wanted to give you at least a small taste.

Isaac is such a baller, he will sneak up on you, all the sudden, BAM he has 20 points. He sees the court very well, literally runs the team - keeps them on track, has an incredible shot - like only one other lefty cousin I have seen, passes very well and plays D unlike most of the rest of the family. I would like to see him slash to the rim a little more and get to the line, because he is so efficient from that charity strike. All in all, probably the best player Wilsonville has ever seen.

Background on the game: It was an "Endowment" game, which basically means an extra game, that notoriously has limited attendance and costs more money. (By the way, Uncle Stan, thanks for covering me last night!) Should you decide to attend one of "I-Wil's" games you may be lucky enough to have Stan cover your admission, get a free piece of pizza, and enjoy the 5th quarter with ice cream and the leading scorer of the game.

I also wanted to note a few things in this post:
1. I am currently a MALE NURSE for my broken back mother, beckoning at her every call, so it was lucky I found a little time to put this together. Your prayers, support, and food is most appreciated.
2. It is great to be back in Oregon.
3. Another Plug for Blazer Mania.
4. And just put down my excitement for church ball over the holiday break. I am pumped.

Which brings me to my last point, THE COUSIN CHALLENGE:
Being proud to be from the Beaver state, and speaking in behalf of all Oregonians, I challenge the state to the south to a dual.

Details: We have a finely tuned athletic machine we can put together up here. With a few recent additions, thanks to marriage (Trevor and BW). We just need a wedding (HINT HINT to those bacholers out there, you know who you are). As thoughtful Oregonians we will also give you any married-in help you desire (i.e.- Steve Hales, the deep threat from downtown, who's game is like unto J.T.-BYU). We anxiously await, and if necessary we can have a few warm up games if you feel you need to wait until Ben and Nate get home from serving the Lord.

Lastly, I say, Merry Christmas, and BRING IT!!!


Meredith & Brandon said...

you hadn't done a post in a while so I was happy to see a new one. I really enjoyed your commentary on the blazers since we do not get any good channels and I never see them play. keep up the good work as mother's nurse. we'll see ya in a few days

Trevor said...

Ev, GREAT post. Glad to see Isaac is dominating. And I gotta agree with you.....Oregon would dominate California. Here's what our team would look like:

Point- Les/Isaac
Shooting guard- Brandon
Small forward- Mere
Power forward- Evan
Shooting center- Triz

Role Players: Levi, Aaron
Enforcer: Steve Bajork
Cheerleader/Trash-Talker: Whit

Can that team be beaten? I say to you.........NO

Lisa Michelle said...

Evan, your videos - well, actually, between your videos and Les & Trevor's videos I say who needs TV?? Great one. Loved it. :)

Lesley said...

Ev, yes, great post in deed. Bold challenge also, I love it.

I hear you are blowing your nursing responsibilities out of the water. What a man.

Can't wait to see you guys!

JasPam said...

We were fortunate to see I-will play against the West Albany Bulldogs last month. He did very well and Wilsonville won, although WA didn't have their State Football Players at that game. The highlight was not watching Isaac, it was watching Abby, Savy, and Ella dancing in the bleachers during the game!

bostonroms said...

Ev -

Awesome video as always. AND, now we just need some of those CA ballers to actually read blogs. I'll call my bros. :) Expect some trash talk on here soon... it's WAY too one-sided right now. heh heh heh... you're going DOWN.

Point - ?
Shooting Guard - ?
Small forward - ?
Power forward - ?
Shooting Center - ?

Role Players - ?
Enforcer - ?
Cheerleaders - Lindsey at least

Photographer - MARCI.

Mary said...

hey its jake. very bold proposal, I am all for it tho. we need a wedding soon so we can have this grudge match. let me give you an idea of who you would be messin with

point: yours truely "Trey"
sg: Ben "B-money" Wilson
sf: Adam "The Pope" Wilson
pf: Nate "Roof" Moorhead
c: Brig "Iron Curtain" Wilson

Key assets off the bench: Abe "Optimus Prime" and Peter "Secret Weapon" Wilson

cheerleaders: Lindsey "Cookie", Hannah "Montana", Becky "Buttercup"

Coach: Dow "Phil Jackson" Wilson

Scorekeeper: Melissa "Bellitrix" Moorhead

-and of course marci "The big fat juicy rat" on camera duty

After reading this if you are still not intimidated enough then good luck and bring it on and may God have mercy on your soul.

Ev & Whit said...

Jake, great to see you on the bloggin' scene. I am glad you have accepted the challenge. Now we just need to work together to get a wedding. I say we focus on Adam & Mel.

And yes, I am intimidated. How could I not be when you have Abe "Optimus Prime" coming off the bench!!

God speed, and good luck.

Lisa Michelle said...

Apologies to Ev and Whitney for having to post a comment to my bro on their blog, but sadly the wee jakie-boy currently doesn't have a blog of his own...yet. :) Ok, so I saw the tip from Melissa on Marci's blog to check the comments on here again and so glad I did. Hey, Jake, I wanna know what my "nickname" is and I where I fall in the lineup. I mean, really, if Marci "the big fat juicy rat" makes it on the roll and she lives as far as you can GET from CA, surely the lowly LaPierres can do something to assist the CA cousins to victory...? Refreshment supplier? Sweat towel provider? Mustache-growing inspiration? Do let us know, eh?
ps - and you are at LEAST as juicy as Marse, you know. ;)

Mary said...

(This is Jake...and Bel and Nate...) apologies leese. and sorry to ev that this is on your blog.

very important members of the CA team include:

mustache-growing inspiration: Bryce "Adam Morrison" LaPierre

our minion: Lisa "i always lose at monopoly" LaPierre

intimidating mascots: Sophie "kamikaze" LaPierre and Sam "the gladiator" Romney

peace out.

dclaps said...

well, clearly my siblings think that they are soooooo funny. For the sake of the readers of this blog, I will keep this clean and gracefully bow out of the argument. Nath, Jake and Bel -- I'll get you next time, my pretties, and you're little monopoly game, too!! :)

Lisa Michelle said...

ps - oops. posted as Bryce. sorry folks, can't keep my facts straight. No wonder I always lose at Monopoly.

bostonroms said...

Aahhhhh - love a good trash talkin' on the blog. Nothing brings a family closer.

Leese... let's face it. You'll NEVER win at Monopoly. Even if JAKE HIMSELF is your financial advisor!

bostonroms said...

So, "Mary" (aka Jake, Bel, and Nate)...

What's Matt's role? You think he's just chopped liver over there? Have you seen the man shoot 3s???

bostonroms said...

(And sorry Ev to use your blog as the forum here. Next time you check this you're going to be in blog-comment-I'm-the-most-popular-in-the-world heaven...)

Mary said...

ok, we're back by popular demand... this is jake, bel, and nate, staking claim on a couple more...

X-factor: Matt "Titan" Romney

The Muscle: Steve "The Hail Storm" Hale

dow said...

posting a little late. i do my blog reading monthly whether i need to or not. must confess, you all are technology whizzes. and not bad with the english language either. i love the riposte! but i am not sure how to spell it. i think that's really supposed to be the unstoppable post-up move i have that even ev's long arms can't touch. the cali-crowd is ready! ...except we need a wedding. bless you all! UD