Sunday, September 21, 2008

End of Summer Fun

Although summer ended a while ago, here are some pics of what we did the last 2 weeks of the summer.

We had the Carlile Family Round-Up- Family Reunion. It was a lot of fun to relax and have fun with the whole gang. The pictures really are worth a thousand words...

After the five day reunion in Sunriver, we drove straight to Utah where we saw my brother, Derek, who is attending Utah State. He is doing great and loves it there! Before we know it he will be flying us all over the country!

The next morning (very early I might add), we flew to Missouri to see my family. The family dynamic sure has changed with just two teenage girls ruling the house! Below is a pic of the new house in Saddlebrooke.

I love that my parents now live in Branson-- Silver Dollar City and White Water were just around the corner. I am a baby when it comes to roller coaster, so Ev, Alissa and Kailey enjoyed them together!

With mostly girls, we spent time doing girly things like shopping and getting our nails and hair done. I loved it!

We also spent a few nights watching Alissa dominate in volleyball and Kailey showing her skills off at basketball practice.

My grandpa also flew in a few before we left so it was great to spend time with him.

The trip would not have been complete until we saw my dad referee a football game. I am beginning to wonder if he loves being a referee more than he loves me...

Some sad news is that my parents horse, Star, who belonged to my Aunt Sharon, passed away. She was seriously injured while getting her horseshoes on, and was never able to recover. Kailey and my mom were great to Star. From visiting her multiple times a day, including 6 am before school trips to the stable, to being with her the night she passed away, they really have become true cowgirls!

Now we are just living life here in Rexburg. Although my school work load is pretty light, I am spending a lot of my time at I-News as the News Director. It's been great gaining so much valuable experience through I-News. Ev is busy with a heavy schedule- 18 credits of difficult classes. Thankfully he still finds time for intermural flag football, softball and basketball. I love being his little cheerleader. This year us wives even made T-shirts. Pics are sure to come!


lesley said...

Looks like great minds choose to post about similar topics at the sametime. I'm in good company.

Great post.

JasPam said...

I loved seeing your pics--especially the mansion house in Missouri. That's quite a story about your Mom's horse too! I'm here in Wilsonville and saw the pics you took of Isaac and the Wilson Family. They were awesome, just like the ones you took of us at Sunriver. Keep up the great photography skills!

Jimmy, Diane and Bentley said...

#1- I really like your mom's hair in that pic of you two
#2- Let us know when Ev's games are, we'll try to be better friends this year...

bajork12 said...

Great post--loved the pics. Sorry to hear about Star.


Adrienne said...

Wut buootuful picshrs ...And a buootuful hors ..wundrfulbakrawnd. I love you so much ...abbybbb.