Sunday, May 16, 2010

Whit's Birthday

As you may already know, May 17th is Whitney's birthday. What you may not know is a few things I will discuss in this blog. I don't want to go down the sappy, smoochie, love love, alley that some bloggers do (you know exactly who you are). I will, however, share a few things with you that I do love about Whit and some of life's events that happened this year.

This year a lot has changed for us, in fact it has probably been the biggest year of Whit's life. I would say the main reason for that is because she transformed from career woman to being a mother. I have to tell you Whit, you do have the prettiest baby girl I have ever seen! You are a great mother to our beautiful baby girl. Also you did some pretty cool things for the first time during this year of your life; march madness, epidural, time our for women, truly experienced mothers day, blessed baby Jaycee, fired a real estate agent (which was not pretty nor would I recommend it), put on the nativity at church, helped put up Christmas lights, had a baby shower, went on a Branson-wide scavenger hunt, went to a St Louis Cardinals game, experienced most corners of MO (STL mainly), entered a walk-a-thon in Danville California, sent your husband off to the fathers/son campout with three adopted boys for the weekend, oh and did I mention you went through labor and had a baby!!!!

Anyway babe you truly are the best. Here are just a few reasons why:

- You're the only wife I know that encourages her husband to participate in a different city league team for Tues, Wed and Thurs night.
- You are an 11, on the 1-10 scale of beautiful women.
- You make me laugh all the time.
- You laugh at my lame jokes (you know the ones that are so lame, that only maybe Les would laugh at, yeah those ones).
- You encourage me in my career dealing with funerals.
- You're the lowest maintenance, high maintenance of the low maintenance wives in the world.
- You go to Wal-mart and buy $41 worth of groceries, you have $40 in cash, you use your $40 in cash, then charge $1 to your credit card.
- Your redneck accent is awesome and should really shake things up out here in Portland.
- You make some awesome enchiladas, chicken-n-a-roll, chicken devon, poppyseed bread, chip dip, little smokies and a number of killer crock-pots.
- Your milk is obviously very high quality considering our baby is off the charts in the weight department and she is healthier than Tony Horton.

Love you, and have a great weekend get-a-way lined up if you ever join me out here!


lesley said...

Now should I be offended at the little "only Les laughs at my jokes" jab? I'm not sure, but you should consider it a huge complement because pretty much the only other person I think is funny is myself:) Kidding, of course...kind of.

Anyhoo, Whit, have a great b-day. Drop a couple grand on the ol' credit cards. I'm sure Ev would encourage it, especially since he's so far away:)

And did I tell you you won best sister-in-law of the year award for our family? Oh, and best sister-in-law in existence. You really are the best though!

JSC said...

Happy Birthday Whitney! You are wonderful and you are a refining influence in Evan's life.


Jimmy, Diane and Bentley said...

Happy birthday whit!! You are a pretty amazing gal, I'm lucky to know you :)

Lynda said...

Awww...this is so sweet. You are both lucky to have each other and be so in love. But what was that about Danville,California!? Were you here and didn't tell us?