Sunday, November 18, 2007

Beavs are Back

Here are the current standings.

Pacific-10 Standings
Arizona State 6-1 9-1
USC 5-2 8-2
Oregon 5-2 8-2
Oregon State 5-3 7-4

UCLA 4-3 5-5
Arizona 4-4 5-6
California 3-5 6-5
Washington 2-6 4-7
Wash. State 2-6 4-7
Stanford 2-6 3-7

You know I am always being told how hard it must be to be a Beaver fan. But as i see it the Beavs have had a great few years. A great Sun Bowl win in El Paso last year over Mizzou finishing in the top 20, two back to back college world series wins, and now for this year.
Many have been telling me all season how the Ducks are going to clean up on the the Beavs, to you I say, "I think not." Although it will be a defensive battle and who can play not horrible in regards to the QB's (Canfield & Leaf). So it comes down to defense and special teams, and did I mention Beavs are #1 in the nation in rush D.
So after we beat Oregon at Autzen on Dec. 1st looks like we will probably be headed back to the Sun bowl again.
How the Pac-10 will finish out:
11/24 Oregon will loose to UCLA, Beavs have a bye. (That will tie UCLA/OSU)
12/1 Beavs will beat Ducks, USC will beat UCLA securing 3rd place for the Beavs.
Its simple. History repeats itself, Belotti makes teams worse as the season goes on, and Riley makes them better.


Trevor said...

Sorry're a little off. Oregon will beat UCLA, and then Dixon will be back and they'll beat the Beavs. I don't say this to talk trash in the UO vs. OSU rivalry.......but in order to make it so the Beavs play the Cougs in the Las Vegas Bowl. In the scenario I just mentioned, OSU would finish 4th, thus meeting the reigning Las Vegas Bowl Champions and 2 time MWC Champion Brigham Young University Cougars. We will see where true loyalty lies.

Ev & Whit said...

Trev you are off your rocker, whether the ducks are with or without dixon it will not matter. Plus Unga and Max do not want to meet the #1 D in the nation!

Lesley said...

This is all very interesting...

Adrienne said...

We want a post of Evan's top ten favorite things in the apartment.

The countdown to everyone coming has begun for Savy and Abby...