Sunday, March 16, 2008

One Year Older and Wiser Too!

Ev celebrated his 24th birthday yesterday! It was a great day. Here are some photos from the wonderful day of March 15th.

Sleeping... probably the one day out of the year I will wake up before Ev!

The big 24! "24 is the age where you are officially not young anymore." -Ev

Ev getting numerous calls and texts. What a popular guy!

What better way to kick off a birthday than a few Office episodes while in bed?

His breakfast. I know it's nothing special, but since Ev is the breakfast cook in our family, it was a big deal.

We then had a bit of a photo shoot.

So the cake was supposed to be a lot cooler. I saw on line that you can make a 3D, sphere (basketball) cake. But, I ran out of time and would not be able to have a backup plan if it went bad. Maybe next year...

Playing a little 'Put the Ball in Ev's hands' (our mature version of 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey').

Game all about Ev. One question was: Who is Ev's favorite all-time basketball player? a) Brandon Roy b) Clyde Drexler c) Jerome Kersey d) Rasheed Wallace *Post you answer under the comments*

Ev also enjoyed taking some photos around Rexburg. This is one of his masterpieces.

From his killer ice skating skills, to his fashionable ties- Ev truly is a dream come true! I sure have loved the almost 2 years of being married to him! It is so fun to have my best friend with me forever. He is not only so funny but is one of the most genuinely nicest person I know. So, Ev happy 24th! I love you!


Ev & Whit said...

Dearest Whit, I know you are sitting in class right now asking yourself, I wonder if anyone has commented on the blog yet? So let me be your first. Thanks for your kind words and for throwing such a great day. I would say it is in the top 24 brithday's of all time for me. You are the numbero uno Frau in die whole vurlt! -Das Mann, Herbie

Trevor said...

Happy Birthday big fella. I'm pretty sure the text in that picture was from me.

So, uh, when you guys coming out here?

Brandon said...

Awesome post! Clyde the Glide!?

JasPam said...

I loved the creative birthday cake and the photos, especially the one of the Rexburg Temple. Compliments to the party hostess and the blogger for this post! Totally loved it

Lesley said...

Clyde the Glide. He loved Jerome, especially since he had a moment with Jerome at the nike outlet. But I have to believe Clyde was his favorite. They both had great dunking styles.

MwH said...

Happy Birthday Ev (a couple days late)!! Looks like you all had a blast. Here's to hoping for another wedding so we can all have another reunion soon!