Friday, May 16, 2008

You've had a Birthday, Shout Horray!

Though I am not big on birthday blog's, when it's you wife, I think they are allowed. In fact, they may be required depending on what else you have planned.

Without further or do, 21 things I love about Whitney. (With getting to cheesy and lovie dovie on ya'll). You are also encouraged to comment and write things you love about Whit.

21. She makes me want to be better, much better.
20. She scratches my neck and back in church and keeps me alert and attentive all at the same time.
19. She makes my mom love me even more, and makes my Dad think I am even smarter than I am, because I married her.
18. She is great motivation when it comes to sales, when it feels like everyone hates you and wants you off their doorstep.
17. She is not only a fabulous wife, but also a great sister, daughter, daughter in law, sister in law, etc etc and mother...jk, not yet.
16. She has been a huge help on "Project Turner House."
15. She is so much fun to spend everyday with.
14. She is famous, and that kind of makes me famous. I still get texts/calls about her GC showing.

13. She is very smart and beats me in our GPA competition every semester!
12. She can throw a football.
11. She consistently beats me in Yahtzee, Balderdash and Uno.
10. She takes a lot of the phone talking time, so that I don't have to take as much. In case you were unaware I am not a big phone talking fan.
9. She now loves tennis.
8. She is a great trash talker.
7. She lets me play lots of basketball, softball and tennis even on busy schedule where our time is limited.

6. She is gorgeous, sorry I know, dead give away.
5. She is a great cook, and willing to try to new meals. It is so nice to not have her in school taking 21 credits so we eat a nice meal together every night about 10pm.
4. She lets me watch cool shows that normal wives probably wouldn't put up with like" Modern Marvels, Deadliest Catch, Law and Order, Man vs Wild, HGTV everything, everything sports/ESPN, and many more. And doesn't tell my guy friends about the girly shows I watch with her, which will not be named here!
3. She is awesome with babies, and makes me want to have a few of our own! Just watch her with Jocy-pants and you will know exactly what I am talking about. (Just ask Adge)
2. She has never missed one of my intramural games since we have been married. And in case you are not aware thats about 2-3/week for the last two years. Wonder how long that streak will run?

1. She talked to me. On August 30th 2005, her famous 2 lines you have all heard a thousand times will never be forgotten: one- "Are you trying to cut?" and number two- "I want to work for sportscenter."


Lesley said...

Happy b-day Whit! Ev, dream of a post. I can't wait to read 22 amazing things about Whit next year...maybe one will be that she's an anchor??? hu huhh

Whitney said...

Thanks, dear! I do have to comment on a few of your reasons. First off, for those of you who don't know, Ev gets home from work really late so that is why we eat at 10pm, not just because I forget or something. Next, I thought it was very interesting that you name HGTV as one of your manly shows! I must be doing a great job convincing you that it is not girly! Also, like you said I have loved playing tennis and have enjoyed the Turner project with your mom- it is like a treasure hunt each time! Thanks again--- now let's go party!!!

Meredith & Brandon said...
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Meredith & Brandon said...

Happy B-day Whit! I remember the good old bug boy days coming home at 9:30 or you guys are troopers. I couldn't handle another summer of that. Hope you have a great day!