Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blast from the Past

Just chillin' here on campus the night before Valentine's Day waiting for my brdie. Slightly depressed because the Blazers are down by 20 pts to the dreaded Mavs. So I was just reviewing some old photo's and decided to post a few for your enjoyment.

1. Ryan's Big Return.
Can't wait for the big Chap daddy to return, especially since we are similar in age and hobbies. I anxiously await to play ball with him, and am still begging for him to come help my flag football team for next fall's season. (Yes we are already preparing). He is a true stud, and frankly ever since I came into the Chapman picture, he left. Sure will be nice to have him back, March 6th is the big day. Watch out Mizzou here he comes.

2. Adam pulling off the blue jacket with khaki's.
Few others, like the man pictured below can pull this off. Adam Wilson is one who does it to perfection. I just want Adam to know I have not bought a new suit or any variation thereof in over a year. I can't pull it off, I dream of the day that I can, but I just don't see that in my near future. Maybe you could give me some encouragement, because I also saw Mitt pull it off nicely. Adam is a true Stallion.

3. Steve.
What more do you really need to say, other than you live too far away (Rhyme intended). I know I will have made it, when I can be on the same city league team as the deep threat himself, Steve Hales. Frankly I would take him any day over Tavernari. Sometimes I when I watch BYU play I think they could beat UNC, other times I think our cousin all stars could beat them. Just feed it inside to our mismatch, Bjork's sky hook over Plaisted all day baby.

Happy V-Day to one and all, from our family to yours.

Special Happy V-Day to my beautiful bride of almost 2 years now!

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Lesley said...

Dearest Ev and Whit,

I'm taking a moment to apologize for my lack of blog commenting. Believe me, I get just as frustrated when work doesn't warrant one free hour to peruse blogs like it used to. It makes me saddened. I should quit my job!!!