Thursday, February 07, 2008

Do You Need to Make a Trip to the 'Burg?

First Item of business. Blogging seems to take a hit in the winter, myself included am guilty. As I thought about why my blogging has been minimal my thoughts were: I haven't taken one picture in 2008, too much time hanging out and watching b-ball with Whit, work, shoveling snow, too much homework (okay, honestly, no I never had that excuse). The reality is, there are very few things that are more important than blogging. I must give Pearl a shout out for her Pres. Hinckley tribute. And I must say I know we have been minimal on our posts lately, but the lack of comments on Whit's Glenn Beck post was obviously disappointing for her, but for me as well.

Onto my post. Many of you know when I have to teach Sunday school, Priesthood, FHE, etc, etc, I often turn my now famous, "Carlile-opardy." (My version of Jeopardy). And that is indeed what exactly will happen on this post. Please get out a piece of paper and record your answers. Post on the "COMMENTS" you will find below, I will post the correct answers.

Thank You, and good luck.

Theme: How badly do you need a trip to Rexburg? See Scale below.

1. Without using mapquest or anything similar how many miles is SLC from Rexburg?
a. 221 miles
b. 241 miles
c. 261 miles
d. 281 miles

2. Ev and Whit are both working right now, Yes or No, and Where?
a. No, Ev yes on campus, but Whit is not
b. Yes, Whit and Ev both at the elementary after-school program
c. No, Ev plays too much b-ball, but Whit yes in the Comm. Department
d. Yes, Whit as a producer and Ev doing upholstery

3. In our front room, our color scheme is what?
a. Brown and Cream, with Lavender as an accent
b. Black and Bright Blue
c. Cream, Brown and blue
d. Black, White and Red

4. Hanging in the one room that Ev has "decorating privileges" are the following:
a. John Wayne, Beaver hats, Isaac's b-ball record/schedule, daily Blazer calender
b. Brandon Roy poster, Beaver hats, school events calender, John Wayne
c. Daily Blazer calender, 4 pic's from each Carlile wedding, John Wayne, NY Giants article
d. Days left of school count down, Beaver hats, daily Blazer calender, Brandon Roy poster

5. In Whit's Child Development class she averages what percent on her quizzes? Which are difficult.
a. 75%
b. 85%
c. 95%
d. 100%

6. Ev currently plays on team Freeze in the competitive basketball league, what color are his uniforms?
a. Green
b. Royal Blue
c. Purple
d. White

7. Whit's favorite show to watch on TV is what? (be careful)
a. Bravo's Project Run Way
b. HGTV's Design on a Dime
c. TLC's What Not to Wear
d. CNN's Glenn Beck

8. Without Internet searching, Mitt Romney spent how much of his own cash on his campaign?
a. 40M
b. 50M
c. 60M
d. 100M

9. Ev is champion in what intramural sport, and has finished 2nd twice in what other sport?
a. Softball, Flag Football
b. Ping Pong, Basketball
c. Dodge ball, Ping Pong
d. Basketball, Softball

10. One of our favorite date night activities is what?
a. Dinner and Bowling
b. Friends over with games and food
c. Dinner and Dollar Theater
d. Spinning Donuts in the Parking lot followed by Ice-cream

Bonus. Where will Ev and Whit live in one year?
a. West of the rockies
b. Midwest
c. Out East (Hales country)
d. Toronto, if Billary takes office

0-2= Lost cause
3-5= Get on and book your flight now
6-8= You talk the talk, but clearly your walking of the walk needs some work.
9-10= You most likely already have a trip planned...right?!


Ev & Whit said...

1. B, 241 miles
2. D, both, Whit Producer, Ev Upholstery
3. C, Cream, Brown, & Blue
4. A, J-Wayne, Beav Hats, Isacc schedule, PTB calender
5. D, 100%
6. C, Purple
7. D, CNN's Glenn Beck
8. A, $40M
9. B, Ping and B-ball
10. C, Dinner & Dollar Theater
B. you be the judge, cause we have no idea, currently I am likely Toronto though!

Ev & Whit said...

Please post your score here in the comments field. Thank you.

Ev & Whit said...

There are a few answers I am not sure are correct. As Ev was doing this, I was watching Project Runway... and the date night thing- well, I don't know which one I like best. Good job though, dear! Ich liebe du!

Lindsay & Josh said...

I'm very honored that I was the first test taker. (Not that I like to procrastinate at work or anything.)
With the bonus question (I put Toronto) I would have 5 right. I didn't think that was too shabby. Now all we need is for Southwest to fly out of Minneapolis :)

Meredith & Brandon said...
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Meredith & Brandon said...

'd just like to let you know that I got an '8' and Mere and I will be there next weekend! The 2 I missed were 9 and 10. Not too bad. We need to get some skiing in as well!

Adrienne said...

My score was an 8. Loved the quiz post. Your uniform colors threw me off. Also, what is this new upholstery job for you?


bostonroms said...

LOVED the post. I didn't score myself because it would have been TERRIBLE to report. We'll come visit sometime soon. I think the better question is when are you coming down this'a'way???

Jason Donaldson said...

I was extremely bored at work and found your quiz. I'm happy to say that I dominated with a 7 (I have to disagree with rounding $35M to $40M though). Not too shabby since there are only 2 questions that I could possibly answer without a guess.

Jimmy and Diane Koller said...

Even though I live about 100 steps from you guys, I decided to take the ol' quiz, scoring 8/10.

And yes, I did get the SLC question wrong. I also underestimated Whit's awesome test scoring abilities! And I overestimated Romney's spending. A meesly $40 mil? Romney...

Overall, I'd call myself a champ!

p.s.- if Billary does win, count us in for moving to Toronto with you.